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Facade Pattern

A simple interface is required to access to a complex system. Used when a system is very complex or difficult to understand because system has a large number of interdependent classes or its source code is unavailable

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Decorator Pattern

This pattern add new functionality to an existing object without changing its structure. It creates a decorator class which wraps the original class and add new behaviors/operations to an object at run-time.   Component: This is an interface containing members…

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Bridge Pattern

Bridge pattern is used to separate an abstraction from its implementation so that both can be modified independently.  Bridge pattern has nearly the same structure as the Adapter Pattern. But it is used when designing new systems instead of the Adapter pattern which is used with already existing systems.

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Factory Pattern

In Factory pattern, we create object without exposing the creation logic. In this pattern, an interface is used for creating an object, but let subclass decide which class to instantiate. The creation of object is done when it is required. The Factory method allows a class later instantiation to subclasses.

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Builder Pattern

Useful Need to create an object in several steps (a step by step approach). The creation of objects should be independent from the way the object's parts are assembled. Runtime is required over the creation process .     Diagram…

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Abstract Factory

Abstract factory pattern in useful when the client needs to create objects which are somehow related. If we need to create the family of related or dependent objects, then we can use Abstract Factory Pattern.

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